100 Day Series- Wild Wallflowers Day 59


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Each tile is numbered to the corresponding day of the 100 day project it was created. They are all approximately 6″ x 6″ and all are organically shaped and “Kissed by the sun” using 23 karat gold. Hangs by one nail.  See below for more details on the 100 day project.

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All of the “Wild Wallflowers” are part of my 100 day project. Created over 100 days, this project gave me great focus during sheltered times. Every piece is unique and has been fired twice. The first firing completed was of the original placement on that particular day of the 100 days. The second firing was done to shape the pieces to achieve a more organic shape and add the 23 karat gold accent. These pieces can be enjoyed alone or as a grouping. One nail to install each piece.

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